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probate searches

Certainty Will Search provides added protection for your law firm, PRs, Administrators and executors during the estate administration process when a Will is not presented or you are uncertain that you hold the latest Will. It reduces the risk of acting incorrectly on an assumed intestacy or where a subsequent will may exist.

Certainty Will Search performs the following on your behalf:

  • A search of the Certainty National Will Register
  • A REACH missing Will notification issued to the 75 firms nearest to each of three nominated postcodes relevant to the deceased
  • An entry on the Missing will Notice Board available to solicitors

Certainty Will Search speeds up and expands the current methods of Will searching and is referenced as best practice in the Law Society's Probate Practitioners Handbook.

Certainty Will Search at a glance:

  • A low cost, fast and effective search service
  • Searches for registered and unregistered wills
  • Protects against incorrect distribution of an estate
  • Reduces risk for you, PRs, administrators and executors
  • Referenced in the Probate Practitioner's Handbook
  • Advised in various practice notes including Lexis Nexis and PLC
  • Gives comfort to your COLP, demonstrates a search was undertaken

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